How to Balance Work Life / Blogging

When I first started my blog I had 3 months off of school, so I didn’t have to worry about a work / blog balance. However in September I started a full time job which took up a lot of my time, for a few months I struggled to stay on top of my blog and stay active with other bloggers. 6 months later I’ve finally got that work / blog balance, and sometimes I still stress about not getting a post done, but there’s always time to get it done. So in today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you how I work full time, yet still run this blog.



Whenever I have spare time I’ll sit down with my notepad and write down post ideas, or I’ll go through my 100 blog post ideas post and basically plan out when I want to post them. This allows me map out the posts I want to put up, and also plan when I’m going to write them.

As I work 5 days a week, I have 2 days off, and I’m usually busy on those 2 days. If I have an early finish one day, or I don’t start until the afternoon, I’ll put aside an hour or 2 to write a post, or take pictures. Sometimes when I’m bored at night I’ll sit with my laptop in bed and write some posts, this is usually when I’m the most productive and actually get the post written.


With diaries I usually write in them for a month then long it off, but with this one I’ve actually stuck to writing in it. I mainly use it for my blog, but I also write my shifts in it. This gives me all the information I need to know when planning when to write my posts, but also I write what days I’m posting.

I’ve recently purchased a notepad, and it’s helping so much. In this I write the post title at the top, and all the things I need to do to complete the post, for example take pictures, attach pictures, write the post etc. This helps when I need to see what else needs to be done to the post before it’s done. I’ll tick it off when it’s done, and I’ll also plan when I need to do the rest of it to ensure it’s done before the scheduled date.


Obviously not every minute you have spare, but whenever I’m just chilling at home doing nothing I will pull out my laptop and write a little bit. Or if I’m out and about, waiting around then I’ll use the WordPress app. When I’m on the go, I’ll usually just use the app to read others posts and interact with them. Staying active is so important to me, so I ensure to do this whenever I have spare time.

If I have a day off work and I’m not doing anything, then I will dedicate the day to my blog. I’ll take pictures if I need to, then I’ll sit down with my computer and just write for the whole day. This helps me catch up with my posts, and ensure I’m scheduled for the next week or so.


For me taking pictures is always the thing I used to leave until the last minute, but recently I’ve learnt my lesson and I take all my pictures on the same day for all my planned posts. This helps a lot because then you don’t have to worry about taking pictures for the next however many weeks.

That’s everything for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading, see you soon 😘


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9 thoughts on “How to Balance Work Life / Blogging

  1. BeingChloe says:

    I agree with all of these tips! I feel like I am in the opposite situation! This year I am on a placemnt year so I am working full time but have my evenings and weekends whereas when I go back to uni in September, my free time will be very limited so will have to up my planning game 🙂

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