100 Blog Post Ideas

I’m always looking at these posts to get ideas for my blog. So I’ve set myself a goal where I want to complete one myself so I can always look back on it and get ideas. If you’re stuck for blog posts, you’ve come to the right place!


  • Makeup of the day
  • Makeup of the night
  • Highend favourites
  • Drugstore favourites
  • Best of (brand)
  • Holy grail makeup products
  • Makeup collection
  • Favourite bronzers, highlighters etc..
  • Go to products for dewy skin
  • Go to products for matte skin
  • Eyebrow routine
  • Eyeshadow tutorial
  • Makeup tutorial
  • Full face of first impressions
  • Review a new product
  • Full face using one brand
  • Different eyeshadow looks using one eyeshadow palette
  • Celebrity inspired makeup look
  • Seasonal makeup look e.g. Autumnal, Christmas
  • ‘No makeup’ makeup look
  • Full face using drugstore makeup
  • Full face using high end makeup
  • Everyday makeup routine
  • Going out makeup look
  • Favourite makeup brushes
  • How you clean your makeup brushes
  • Disappointing products
  • Favourite online beauty shops
  • Rediscovering products you used to love
  • Five products only face
  • Monthly favourites
  • Makeup haul
  • Empties, will you repurchase?
  • Product of the week
  • Makeup dupes
  • What storage you use for your makeup
  • Makeup wishlist
  • Ways in which to make your makeup last longer
  • Makeup expiry dates
  • Building the perfect eyeshadow palette
  • Judging a product by its packaging
  • Favourite pink products
  • First ever makeup product you purchased


  • Skincare routine
  • Favourite skincare products
  • Best products for a breakout
  • Favourite face masks
  • Pamper night
  • What products you use in the bath / shower
  • How you remove your makeup
  • Products you use for glowy skin
  • Explaining skin types and what your skin type is, also including what products you use for it
  • Favourite tanning products
  • Favourite skincare brand
  • Empties
  • Favourite body care products
  • Tanning routine


  • Your go to hairstyle and how to do it
  • Favourite products for your hair
  • 5 easy hairstyles
  • How to hide bad hair days
  • Favourite hair tools
  • Favourite hair accessories
  • Hair care routine
  • History of your hair


  • A week in outfits
  • An everyday outfit
  • Going out outfit
  • Favourite clothing shops
  • What’s in your bag
  • Nails of the day
  • Clothing haul


  • Photography tips
  • What equipment you use (cameras, lighting etc)
  • Backgrounds you use for photos
  • Social media accounts
  • How you blog on the go
  • Post schedule / how you maintain it
  • How you edit photos for your blog / Instagram
  • Tips for a new blogger
  • Ways to keep organised
  • How to balance work life and blogging
  • Props you use for photos

All About You

  • Why you first started your blog
  • How you got into makeup / beauty
  • Your dream job
  • 10 facts about yourself
  • Your favourite bloggers
  • Write a letter to yourself to read in a years time
  • What’s your blog about
  • Blogging aims for the month / year

Brands / Trends

  • Beauty trends
  • Fashion trends
  • Your beauty icons
  • Brands who deserve more recognition
  • Favourite brands on Instagram
  • Brands who have become popular through one product
  • New brands you want to try
  • Brands you want to work with

And lastly.. 100 blog post ideas!

That’s 100 blog post ideas done! I really had to rack my brain to get 100, but I got there. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps! See you soon 😘



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